Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

‘What Will Trump Do To My H-1B Visa?’ Anxious Indians Turn To Astrologers


It hasn’t been long when astrologers in India would get a customer who sought help prediction of auspicious times for marriage, charting a career path or healing a broken heart. But over last six months, an orange haired, filthy-rich politician who now has been catapulted by US people as their president has loomed large in their catalogue of worries as now people are rushing to astrologers to know what Trump will do to their H-IB Visas.
Vinod Shastri, an astrologer who operate from an old office next to the ancient observatory from where the astronomers of the maharaja once would monitor the heavens says that post-Trump’s election as President he has been getting calls about people seeking prediction about H-1B Visa in Trump’s era.

It all started with a suited clad hotelier from Mumbai who jetted in for a day with one question: Would Donald Trump win the presidency?
Obviously, Shashtri replied in yes.
“When I told them that he will win, their response was that America will be destroyed and that he can do anything,” Shastri was quoted in The Washington Post.
Now, clients are wondering “how his relationships will affect Indian leaders, how he will do for India, his relationship with U.K [and] the effect he will have on Indian-U.S. business relations.”
Indians have a firm belief in astrology and Trump has become a worry for the US bound people across the globe and Indian astrologers have become their source to know about the possible actions of US President.

Vaibhav Magon, 25, the founder of Ask monk, an astrology application for mobile phones, says he has witnessed a “huge spike” in Trump-related queries to their in-house astrologers in recent weeks – mostly from investors and would-be immigrants worried about visas.

“People are uncertain about the future, and they’re looking for astrologers to guide them or come up with a solution,” he said. It is not surprising that his Indian clientele would turn to astrology during tumultuous times, he said. “Astrology is inherent within us, whether it’s taking a decision to get married or starting up a business.”


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